Monday, November 15, 2010

Diaper Cake for Cassie and James

     Hello to all my blogging friends, I hope this post finds you all well and happy! Wow, that was some blog hop this weekend! It warmed my heart to read  all the stories of how Operation Write Home has touched so many lives.
Talk about creativity and talent! Boy oh boy there are some really talented paper crafters out there in blog land. You can still enjoy the blog hop by following this link.  I think it will be up for a few more days.
     In the mean time, I would like to share with you my first attempt at making a Diaper Cake. My daughter's long time girlfriend Cassie and her husband James are having a baby. Regan should be here around the first of the new year. Everyone can't wait as it will be nice to have a new baby around the house. The baby shower was yesterday and we wanted to give her a really nice gift, so I put together this diaper cake. I took 172 diapers to make the cake along with all the goodies included (toys, 2-binkies, bath & body items, 4 receiving blankets, 5 onezies, 5 t-shirts, 1 rubber duck :),10 hangers, and a little stuffed lamb. It weighed about 15-20 lbs. It took me a little over 3 hours to complete it. But it took me about 3 days to sort it out in my head how I was going to construct it lololol. The 10 hangers and a couple dowels and garden wire were  life savers. (Note to self, must have items)
     I always learn by doing and the next time (Maybe lolol) I will be more prepared and able to add more paper crafted ideas to it, now that I have a better idea about the size and what all is involved. It was a hit at the shower and everyone thought it was a real cake. Many had never seen or heard of a diaper cake before. Welcome to the world of papercrafters. We can do almost anything in paper if we put our minds to it.
     I hope you like it and now you go create something fun. 


Sandi MacIver said...

OMGOODNESS, This cake is SO FABULOUS> I have seen little ones, but nothing this incredible. WOW, and only 3 hours, you are one creative gal let me tell you. I can see why it was the hit of the party.

Carey said...

OK, I just added a comment but it didn't show up. Anyway.... I love, love, love it. I bet daughter was so proud of her mommy.

your BFF
Roscoe's mommy

Carole'Anne AKA Stampin Stressaway said...

Whow this is super adorable I love all the details and I think this is just amazing you have done such a beautiful job of this diaper cake
that is so funny that they thought it was a real cake
makes me giggle
thank you for inspiring me Patrice!

Susan (rainy) said...

Oh my Patrice this is so creative and fun and practical! I'm sure it was the hit of the party.

Beantown Grasshopper - Deborah Robb said...

Patrice, this is AMAZING! I can't believe all that is included in the cake. I've heard of them, but never saw one before. Definitely impressive and I can see why it was the hit of the shower.