Friday, March 18, 2011

It's never too late to Post!

Hello all my blogging friends. I hope this post finds you all well and happy!

Well this week was gone in 60 seconds... I made a total of 3 cards this week YIKES! I'm going through withdrawals lololol. I guess it not too late to post what I made even if I can not put them on the challenges . I just thought the challenge was cool. It's last Saturdays over at Stampin 411.
And I saw an Embossed technique over at Inking Idaho I love this Patchwork Quilt Technique so much, I think I will try it out at my next workshop. I thought it would be really hard but it's a piece of cake.

Punch out 12 1 1/4 squares in various colors Then attach the 4 corners first to help line the squares up. Then add the other squares and align them up. I went top to bottom. I used just a touch of tape on the back of each square to help secure them to the back panel as it help in realigning if and when needed. Prior to running the entire piece through the Textured Impression Square Lattice Folder, make sure you are happy with the placement, then proceed. That's how simple this tech is. Gotta love that.

I had to take my Mom to several Dr's. appt's. this week so that's where I've been. I am so glad to see that she is doing so well, all her vitals and internal organs are doing just great now. We have one more Dr's. appt. on Monday  where she visits her Orthopedist and then she will start on Physical Therapy.
I returned her little dog Casey yesterday it was such an adorable reunion. That little dog loves my mom as much as my mom loves her it was really cute to see.

I'll post again tomorrow. As I really do have to finish up a project I have been working on.
Good night we'll chat some more  tomorrow. If you have any energy left go create something fun.
I'm going to bed.


Dara said...

Love your 411 card. I like your mindset for taking on the challenge even if you couldn't enter. I've struggled with that but I'm going to borrow your mentality... LOL! The quilt card is great as well. I know a few ppl that will appreciate that style.

Carey said...

I don't know why when I post a reply sometimes it doesn't show up. I love the cards. Tell mom I said hi.

Carey and Roscoe

Carla Bazhenow said...

Both cards are so beautiful... I just love that patchwork. Fabulous! Hugs,