Friday, December 28, 2012

Our Second Storm

Hello to all my blogging friends. I hope this post finds you all well and happy!

Wow,this second snow storm last Wednesday was bigger and much worse! Mind you, I am now certain it can get worse than this. I just want to be on a nice comfy house when ever it does happen! This last storm was still a first for us though!

Wednesday's storm gave us about 5-6" of snow. We experienced icy rain, sleet, huge snow flakes and it was colder than what I had felt before. In Calif. we got hail the size of a dime from time to time, but this was like being pelted with lots of little ice pellets. I still need to look up how rain turns into snow!!! The best idea I have is that rain is shaped like a popcorn seed and some place in the atmospherics it pops and makes a snowflake? I bet there is a more scientific example of this lolol.
We are supposed to get more snow tonight (Friday) and Saturday. Does this go on all winter??? Now I know why this state is so green, ya'all get a lot of rain.

Look how high the snow is on the deck. The dog's house was almost covered! Marley gets very invigorated playing in the snow. (Yah it's cold) I don't know how he stands it lolol.

Our neighbor Ernie was kind enough to shovel the snow in front of our house and the front porch until we invest in a snow shovel of our own! We added snow tires, snow shovels and snow chains to our list of have to have items this winter!

Even though it was snowing the woods were alive with movement. Birds eating, Marley and Ashes playing, Ernie shoveling snow and life was still going on. We could not get the cars out of the parking area because we were snowed in. Jeff had to stay home from work Thursday until we got chains. (Bummer right!) The road that comes into the property is a bear to get in and out of. We are told that you might want to park at the top and walk down to the house if you need to go anywhere.

 Jeff got me Binoculars for Christmas so I can look at all the wild birds in the woods. I have been feeding them on the deck so I can get a better look at them. We had quite a crowd as you can see from some of the photos. There were quite a few on the fence and on the deck. I have seen about 6 different types so far. I really need to get a Bird Watchers Field Guide so I can put a name to their faces so to speak!

The last photo I took is of three things 1) The walk way cleared  you can see we got 5-6" of snow.  I also wanted you to see that the snow was right at the bumper of the car and the bottom of the door. 2) I kept seeing these cute candles that most of the houses around town have in their windows so I got a couple. They are set on a timer and really look great at night. 3) Look at all the snow on the garland piece I put outside on the window, it is almost entirely covered in snow and icy rain.

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Carey said...

How beautiful, as long as you don't need to drive in it. We are having quite a bit too. We were supposed to have a bad storm tonight (New Year's Eve) but it was only rain. Happy New Year my friend.

Love, Carey and Roscoe