Thursday, May 15, 2014

Garden in Bloom

Hello to all my blogging friends, I hope this post finds you all well and happy!

This is part two of the photos I took last week of My Little Patch of Dirt WV.

This is what I look at when I open the back door (Our Entrance). I took this new photo now that the mulch is down. It is so beautiful I just love this focal piece of our yard. The birds love the bath too.

These are  Marion-berries ready for planting.
Here they are in the ground.

The strawberry patch before

and now it is planted. They are really happy. There are 28 of them.

It is amazing to see this strawberry patch because there was a big mound of dirt that was covered in grass when we moved in. Jeff and I thought it was a tree root that we might have to dig up but it wasn't, just a big pile of dirt in the middle of the lawn? Nice that we didn't have too much hard work to get this patch Right!

The Onion, Herbs and Sweet Potatoes are planted and doing good.

I had to dig up this big patch of grass first. We will have Red, Yellow and White onions, they are already popping up. There is also Sage, Cilantro, Parsley, Sun Flowers, Oregano and Tarragon.

We planted...  Jeff Dug all the Big Holes YIKES 2'x2' and there are 6 of them.
1-Peach Tree
1-Cherry Tree

1-Asian Pear
1-Bartlett Pear
1-Golden Delicious
1 Red Apple (I forgot the type)

Here are the pictures of them, we go out every evening and see if any leaves have popped out. We call it walking the property hehehe.
  Notice how big the property is (Well big for us just under a half acer) in the city limits is quite a find.

We also planted Raspberries, and Blue Berries here they are (Remember the Marion-Berries earlier) We are going to have quite the orchard in the next few years. Hopefully all this hard work will pay off.

Blue Berries

There are three of them but I also wanted to show you the Lilacs that we planted a few weeks ago. We can't grow Lilacs in So Calif. like they grow them here in the East., so I am soooo excited to have them now in our yard.

We also have Peonies growing I can't tell you what that means to me  I am tickled pink or white or red??? I'm not sure what color they will be, but time will tell.

Twenty years ago when I worked at a Flower Shop I used to sell a single stock for $3.00-$5.00 each. I sure hope they bloom.

Already here when we moved in was an Apple Tree and a Huge Concord Grape Vine. I cut it back quite a bit at the end of last summer when we moved in I was hoping it would be good for it and I was right. We have one arch but we need to get the second one up really soon. This vine is really growing fast.

Can you see all the little grapes already forming.

Now for the existing apple tree. It is fun to see all the little apples growing. I'm going to have to look up to see how to grow the fruit properly because we have so many new plants to take care of.
I've registered for a WV Master Gardener course that starts in August that I am very excited about, but I kind of wish I already knew what to do with all these new plants????

I guess I will have to call the WVMG group to see if they make house calls??? To make sure I am on the right track.

That's enough for today I'll get a few more pictures  in my next post.

Chat soon and happy planting.

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