Thursday, August 26, 2010

What a day we had yesterday

Hi there my blogging friends. I hope you are all well and happy today. My day was a bit scary yesterday. We had a mini Tornado touch down in our city. We do not usually have Tornado's in Calif. but I have been through a couple in my day and yesterday was a good one. Heavy rains, hail, flash flood in our canyon, downed trees and telephone poles across the Lake. It was a mess when it was over and thank goodness we didn't have too much damage. But I know we need to get a roofer for the porch we are building because it leaks now :(. I had to turn off the computer when the lights started to flicker Glad I did too!!! Wow it has been over 105 all week and now the air smells like earth and it is muggy. I think that is humidity It's a lot better than smog "that s for sure :).
I learned how to make the Satin Ribbon Flower at our Upline Meeting (Thanks Kristi) last month and I also saw it on Carole'Anne's blog too. CaroleAnne's link is on the left hand side of my blog. My daughter asked me to make a baby card so here is what I came up with. I made it last night something to keep me occupied  while we were trying to stay cool. Hope you all are safe and dry! Chat later.

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