Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Workshop Cards

Hello to all my blogging friends. I hope this post finds you all well and happy!

There is so much to do before a move YIKES!!!!! I have been packing and throwing away things . We have given a ton of things to the Salvation Army as well. Anything else we are not taking is going to my daughters new apt. Furniture, Refrigerator Linens, Dishes and that sort of thing...
We have recently made the decision to help out Jeff's mom. She has COPD and she is slowing down a bit. She has a huge property with 2 horses and 3 garden area's. I'm sad to be leaving My Little Patch of Dirt but we will be going to a bigger and better patch of dirt. I am taking a lot of the flowers with us as they came from my Mother In Laws garden in the first place. There are paved roads (Yippee) and it is not in a Fire Watch Canyon area with only one way out (Bigger Yippee). It is closer to the Ontario Airport and closer to most of our old friends.
Just know I should be blogging more regularly by the middle of  May (God Willing)!  Please be kind enough to stop in and check if I am up and running and know that I just haven't fell off the face of the earth!!!
Our move is scheduled for the first week in May and there will be some down time then. But for now I'll post as much as possible!!!!!

Here is another card from our workshop. I hope you like it!
Now it is your turn to go and create something fun!
Thanks for stopping by.


Carey said...

I love, love, love the card and especially the sentiment treatment. Thanks for telling us about how excited you are about the move. Don't forget to bring a bottle of your dirt from your garden and spread it around. Then it will always be part of your original "my little patch of dirt".

Carey (aka BFF) and Roscoe

Carla Bazhenow said...

Well, congrats on the move!!! How sweet of you! My mom lives with us and has COPD. We purchased my MIL home about 10 years ago so she could get out from under it after she retired. I agree with Carey, take some of your dirt!!! I so miss my flowers that I left behind. I had a yard full and virtually none here. Your card is so beautiful! I love the colors! Hugs,