Friday, February 17, 2012

Red Hot Stampers Sketch Challenge # 23

Hello to all my blogging friends. I hope this post finds you all well and happy!

I haven't talked about my brother lately, he has started a Radiation Treatment on his throat, in hopes that they will be able to shrink the tumor there, so he will at least be able to eat and get his energy back. I pray this helps and that he recovers his strength quickly. We realize this is going to be very difficult on him, but if it will help he want's to try!

I have several family photos in my craft room and I thought this one would be fun to decorate and send to Vince in card form. I do not know if he has a copy of this photo or not. The photo is of my Brother Vince, my sister Pam (in the middle) and Myself as little kids. I think this was taken in 1960 or the late 50's I'm not sure. All I remember of this day was that I got to wear my favorite dress. I think it was a silver satin with pink and white flowers. It swooshed as I walked lolol. I think he will like it. Please continue to pray for Vince and his family they really need all of our prayers.

I also wanted to show you a card I created from the Red Hot Stampers Weekly Sketch #23
Here is the link to their site

Here is my take on it;
I turned it on it's side and really had fun playing with it. I added some clouds and birds, a few tropical flowers and leaves. I black embossed the surfer image and outlined the oval shape. I had a left over cork strip that I slid through slits in the oval and thread behind the image. I hope you like it. I felt the need to make something cheery today.

Here is a look at the inside;
Thanks for stopping by today, and I really hope you get a chance to create something fun. I believe we have a nice long lazy weekend planned. Just me and my honey!


Glenda Calkins said...

Oh this is so COOL! Love it! You did an awesome job with this sketch! Thanks for playing along with the Red Hot Stampers.

Simply Sara Stampin' said...

Wow! Love your card and the color combo! It makes me think of Hawaii...even though I've never been there. lol Thanks for playing with the Red Hot Stampers.

Lisa said...

Saw your Christmas card over at Merry Monday and came to take a peek, and saw this post about your brother. Please know I am sending lots of healing thoughts his way. In Oct.2009 my father was diagnosed with cancer in his throat and had radiation(quite a few rounds of it) and chemo. It was very hard on him and sadly, we lost him one year later after a courageous battle. Tell your brother to keep fighting and know that others are thinking of him as he battles this.

Christi Waite said...

Excellent use of the sketch! Thanks for playing along

Carey said...

Great job. I immediately got the music from Hawaii Five-Oh in my head when I saw it. Sheesh. I love the pic of your brother and sister when you were all younger. I knew which one was you right away. Really cute. I am still thinking and praying for Vince.

Carey and Roscoe