Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hello my blogging friends, I hope this note finds you all well and happy! Well let's see where to begin. I have been creating a lot lately and that is a wonderful thing, I'll show you a card or two in a bit. I also have some new garden pictures to show ya too. This will be a short post because I have to start making my Blog Hop project for this weekend and a special surprise for Amy ha ha you'll have to wait a month before you get it :). Enjoy the flowers and the new cards OK.
I can not believe we grew grass in this heat. It looks so nice or it will once it comes in all the way :). Do you see how big the grapes are getting since the post in May.

  Does anyone else get Chrysanthemums in the summer? I don't think they know they are supposed to grow in Oct/Nov. So far I have gotten 1 1/2 dz strawberries- 2 at a time he he he. I have grown this garden for 3 years now from scratch, are home and property is new so it delights me to see the fruits of my labor. I tried to plant so that something new is in bloom every month. The Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile) will be in bloom in July so I'll show those to you next month. I guess working summers at the High School garden paid off. August and September are our really hot months my job will be just to keep things alive YIKES! I don't know what will bloom by then. I love flowers as much as I do paper crafting!

Here are a few cards that I have made lately. The first one is a Tent Card- Bear and Marley gave Jeff a Fathers Day Card. The second is a Hostess Level 1- Because I care Stamp Set. I really like this set. How about this cute Hanging Goody Cone filled with loads of candy and the last one is a sample from last months Stampin' Success Magazine. Anyone want some yummy Chocolates?

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