Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'll truly miss my friend...

A Tribute to Charley Narcomey

Written By: Date: June 28th, 2010. Topic: Spirituality.

Josie and Jim Herndon would like to honor their dear friend and brother in spirit, Charley Narcomey, who God took for His own Sunday, June 27, 2010.
J. Charles Narcomey (Citizen Band Pottawatomi/Muscogee Creek) honored his heritage by incorporating traditional ways into every aspect of their lives.  Charley and his wife, Sparrow, were called upon many times to open conferences and offer blessings on behalf of the people as well as facilitating their “Healing the Circle” workshops.
The Shinnyo-en Foundation, of San Francisco Ca., recently invited Charley and Sparrow to share in prayer and blessings, at the 2010 Memorial Day Lantern Floating Ceremony, in Honolulu, Ha.,  led by Her Holiness Keishu Shinso, the spiritual head of Shinnyo-en.
As recently as 2008, Charley was invited to Washington D.C., and recognized by the “Universal Peace Federation” founded by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, as an Ambassador for Peace.
Sherman Indian High School, Riverside, Ca. have bestowed upon Charley and Sparrow the “Golden Eagle Award” in recognition of their support, work and generosity that has benefited the lives of young Native Americans.
They are the founders of YvHv NeNe (Wolf Road). For over 20 years they have developed their workshops for both Native and non-Native communities that assist adults and adolescents,  affected by drugs, alcohol, eating disorders and mental illness,  by incorporating traditional arts and spirituality as tools for change, growth and recovery.  Charley and Sparrow have both been trained in White Bison’s “Fire Starters” program, “Daughters and Son’s of Tradition” as well as Coalition Building using Clan Knowledge.
Charley was recognized by his peers for his business development techniques and consulted on many Native American projects throughout the United States. He was chosen to serve as a part of the ‘head staff’ at Pow Wow’s throughout the Southern California area and currently is the Secretary/Treasury for the Golden State Gourd Society, a Kiowa warrior society established in 1971.
They conducted ”Healing the Circle” workshops which include drum circles, talking circles and medicine wheel teachings that present the 12 steps of recovery regularly at a variety of treatment facilities throughout the Southwest, as well as Sherman Indian High School, the San Diego American Indian Health Center, and Conferences that are wellness and spirituality based.
They also facilitated workshops in Cultural Diversity training, focusing on working with the Native American population.
Many corporations brought Sparrow and Charley in for staff development, offering a reprieve from the daily grind, thereby relieving burnout.
Charley will be missed by all.

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So sorry to hear of your friend's passing Patrice.