Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Survival of the fittest!

I told my neighbor that is what I look for in my garden. What ever makes it through the summer will make it through the winter in most cases. If the heat and sun doesn't take a plant in the summer, then I have to watch for the  frost in winter. We live in a very dry desert like environment. It doesn't look like it from the photographs of the beautiful flowers that I took last spring, but boy oh boy I'm not even going to show you pictures of what it looks like now. I'll keep that horror & shock from you.I will ask that you pray for my little posies that they have a quick recovery lololol. I need to get some fertilizer on them this month. That should perk them up quite nicely.
Here is another Fall card I made yesterday I really like it, I hope you do too. Have a great day.


Elizabeth said...

Very pretty card! Is that concord crush? I just love that new in color. elizabeth

Carolyn Sharkas said...

pretty, pretty, pretty!

you are so talented!