Monday, October 4, 2010

Weird Weather!

Hello my blogging friends, I hope this post finds you well and happy! We had the strangest weather last week. I took a few pictures of the sky and you will see for yourself. In the front yard there was a beautiful double rainbow and the rain clouds were gorgeous with pinks & blue/grey's. I caught the second rainbow but by the time I ran in to get my camera the first one had faded. The strange thing is that the ground and cars and hills were a deep orange and red color. When I turned around to go back into the house the sky was Yellow and very bright. Talk about weird. I thought I was in one of Michelle Zindorfs cards lol. The trees were black and the sky was yellow white and some orange. Well you all see for your selves. Have a great day today. I'm working on a special project for my Up-Line I'll show you tomorrow when I have finished.

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Carey said...

Wow, the colors in your pics look like there was a fire close. Scary!! I can't believe there was a rainbow in southern CA. Was it raining? Lovin ya

Roscoe and his mommy