Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Finished the Craft Room!

Hello my blogging friends. I hope this post finds you all well and happy!

Yes, it is true! The Craft Room is finally finished. This weekend I built 2 more bookshelves (Wal-Mart $25.00 ea.), and they are really easy to put up. Read the directions very carefully and identify all the parts and pieces. I move slow and they only took me 45 minute each. Then I unpacked all the remaining Boxes of Books all 13 of them and loaded the shelves. Sunday night Jeff and I started to build the extra center shelves so we could attach the bookshelves together. (Remember CA is Earthquake Country). I really wanted a third shelf, but we were +-3 inches too short. So I settled with having easy access to my Hope Chest instead.

I dug out all my old family pictures( More Boxes emptied) made some more flower and silk pant arrangements. Then there was a big open space behind the TV I didn't like, so I cut some extra material I had and whipped up a drapery real quick then made a matching runner for the Hope Chest so it doesn't get all scratched up. I really like how it turned out I hope you do too.

These are the before pictures after Jeff moved all the boxes off the Hope Chest and against the wall. Pictures I never showed before.

Shelves built, boxes emptied!

Bob Cat inspecting my work and the boys keeping me company. Look at Bear he was smiling at me!
Now for the finished product!

That is all the time I have left for this post. Now I have to start on last weekends Blog Hop project directions for you.
My Blog Candy winner for the little Pen and Note Pad went to lucky # 31 Elaine Wright. Thank you all for leaving me such nice comments and words of encouragement!

Now it is your turn to go and create something fun!


Craftystamper said...

You must feel really good finally having such an important space organized and useable. My friend, who moved over a month ago still doesn't have her craft room put together. She feels lost. Congrats for getting this far.

Carla Bazhenow said...

Oh I'm so happy for you!!! Your bookcases are gorgeous!!! You are a fabulous decorator too!!! Love your style. Hugs,