Monday, July 18, 2011

What a Weekend!

Hello my Blogging Friends. I hope this post finds you all well and happy!

Ever have one of those weekends that it was Non-Stop! Well this was one of those! Stamping what's that???? Yard Work and more Yard Work!I really have to show you the before and after pictures so you can see what I mean!

 The Boys want to go for a ride!

 That was the before pictures, we had just moved in and boy was it a mess.
Now the following pictures shows we are finally getting some place.

What's with those boxes you say? We read a gardening journal that the boxes do two important things. First, once laied out on the ground it cuts down on weeds ! That's all that is in that backyard, I have been weeding for weeks? Notice we are getting some grass to come back too(Smile). Second, once the boxes start to decompose they act like a natural mulch. Once the boxes start to relax a bit we will put a layer of redwood chips and mulch over the boxes to make it look more becoming.     You will see the boxes under the plants in the next photo.

Our plan is to put some sort of fencing up to block the neighbors yard. They are really nice people but, I do not like their mess against the fence? We thought about reed or cloth, we haven't decided yet.
Saturday we got the paver's laid out the car port put up and started to fill the island with. plants. Sunday we hooked up the Fountain finished the island and the BBQ area.

Here is Jeff considering the next move. The Boys are at the ready just in case they are needed lolol! I did not show you pictures of a project from a few weeks ago ... We stained the rattan porch furniture. It was really faded you can see from the first picture in this post.I was really happy with how that project turned out. It's a great color.
Once we got the Fountain up and had the water running it started to feel like home.

Next was to get the BBQ area set up and to get all the plants situated. We even have some grapes on the grapevines again this year.  I had to cut a lot of the branches off the fence to be able to move them to this house. All the plants seem to really like this new house. We will see though, we still have two more months of Summer left they are the hottest too. I am just so happy that the grass is really growing!I have been watering and weeding like crazy. We haven't seen the water bill yet lololol.
Finally, we get to relax! The BBQ is heating up and we are all just plane tuckered out and enjoying the shade and the rest.
It took us all weekend to get this yard in some sort of a usable fashion.
My daughter came over to visit she spent the night and we are going to watch  a few of the Harry Potter movies to get up to speed then, next week we will go and see the final movie. More on that later!

I really do have to get some stamping done this week I have several projects due ASAP! I will have to get to those two remaining tutorials next week!
Now it is your turn to go and create something fun!


Carey said...

Oh it is just turning out so beautifully. I can't believe how wonderful it looks. Everyone's hard work is really paying off. Hey we have green beans. We have never had more than a handful of green beans before. We don't have much else besides lots and lots of green beans, some pumpkins, tomatoes (that aren't ripe yet) and potatoes. Everything else didn't make it through the monsoon rains. We had a bunch of other things planted but they didn't make it. I got your address change card today. How darling!!
Sandi and Diana said hi.

Hugs to you
from Carey and Roscoe

Anonymous said...

Wow! you guys did an amazing job! it looks great!


Ellen Kemper said...

Amazing is the word! Wow!!!

What a lot of work but now you have a place to sit and enjoy what you created. I am impressed with the transformation. Do you two hire out and want to come to Texas and give me a backyard paradise?

Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh, what an awesome job you guys did! Everything looks great, especially the part where you are resting and enjoying it.