Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Christmas House

Happy Holidays to all my blogging friends. I hope this post finds you all well and happy!

OK, this is for my BFF Carey ! I'll show you what you are missing so maybe you'll come for a visit ! This year we have a new home to decorate and I am feeling much better than last year so I decorated in a big way!Of course Jeff helped quite a bit. Thanks honey!!!

Here we go, walking into the house this is what you see,
To the right of the front door  is next. Bob made the picture look like a post card
Next photo below is the left of the front door . How funny the flash makes the walls look white they are really a soft Coffee Mocha color. All the stockings are hung.

My pretty Christmas Tree below, it is packed with toys and Santa's, Metal Airplanes, Boats, Trucks, Blocks, Kites, Marionettes, Ballet Slippers, Wooden Pull Toys, Porcelain Dolls, Pin Wheels and Shiny Jewel Tone Ornaments, with lot's of colored lights. People are amazed at the collection of Toy Ornaments that really work. I have been collecting them for years. I even made the Tree Skirt and sewed on large jewels and pearls.

 Now we are headed into the dining room

This is the Wreath I made from the neighbors clippings. It is about 4 feet around. It was very heavy so I had to add a branch through the center so it would keep it's shape. Underneath our the Nativity Scene.

The Video Cabinet a large Santa and a table and vase arrangemen
that I made.

and finally the hutch with a seated Santa and a porcelain  Old World Santa Sculpture. 

 I have a few more shots of the Dining room , Kitchen and the Bathroom, but I'll show them to you tomorrow.
Bear was following me around the house all day and finally got tired so I snuck a picture real quick, he is not a photo  ham at all and I was surprised he let me take it lolol. This shot is looking from the dining room into the right side of the living room.

Hope you all had a great weekend and that you found some time to create.


Susan (rainy) said...

You are ready for the season!! Your tree is just beautiful, too, Patrice.

Ann Schach said...

Oh,Patrice! I LOVED seeing these pictures as two Boxers I know would not allow us to put out decorations. Everything is a toy to them! lol I am going to chance putting up an undecorated tree in a few days!

Carey said...

WOW Patrice it is even more beautiful than I remember!! You all did a fantastic job. Bear and Bob really lend beauty to the pics. I have put some things out but it just doesn't look real Christmassy in here. Roscoe has fallen in love with a little stuffed Santa on my display of Santas table. I have found it on his bed twice, saw him take it down twice and Dean found him trying to sneak it outside when he went outside. I finally learned and put it up on the top of the bookcase. Unfortunately, he saw me put it there so I am worried he is going to try and get it. Thanks for the beauty and how I wish I could spend some time over the holidays with you and the boys.

Hugs Carey and Roscoe