Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out with the old Say goodby to 2011

Hello to all my blogging friends, I hope this post finds you all well and happy!

It's New Years Eve already. My that was a strange year for my family, my friends and the world. I found a cool video to share with you about all the historical things that happened this year on planet earth. I hope you enjoy it!
(It is not commercial free but interesting never the less!)

I don't usually try to make New Years Resolutions because I always lose sight of them in a few days or weeks, especially if it means I have to do some sort of work attached to them (Did I say that out loud? Smile).

But, (lolol) this year I promised myself I would create more often and post more often to my blog. This one I think I can do because of the fun factor involved. I love playing with paper!

I checked the number of hits the page preview counter thingie (thingie-BFF Term) my blog has and it shows that it is currently at 63,318 hits . I don't know if you all see that or not? One of my goals for 2012 (Yes I'm saying this out loud) is to reach 100,000 hits by my birthday at the end of May! So... I'm going to see what I can do to try to reach this goal. Yes, I realize there is going to be work involved, but more fun  than work I'm sure.

All you have to do is to continue to stop by and visit, as you help encourage and inspire me. This is all in fun and it's a win win situation for us both I hope! I think I'll even throw in some type of a BLOG CANDY surprise too!

Honestly, it's because of all of you that My Little Patch of Dirt even exists. You motivate me to do better, to create more fun and exciting things, and help to push my boundaries and stretch my ability.

My hope is that I do the same for you as well. What is paper crafting all about if we can't share ideas and techniques and show off our pretty creations to each other right!

So, I am going to get a jump start. Here are some of the cards I made that went into those gift bags I showed you the other day. I left many of them blank inside (I had a personal request from a family member) and others I dressed up to match the front of the card. There were several variations on a theme as you can see. I used different colored card stock so as to mix them up. When I make mass volume cards I try to make at lease 4-8 of the same card. It helps quicken reproduction time as opposed to individual cards that can take a half hour just to design. I made 120 cards total this season.

Most of the products are Stampin' Up but I did reach into my stash for card stock that was just plain fun!

I hope we all have a great New Year and find lot's of extra time to create more often. It's a long weekend so go create something fun.


Ann Schach said...

I hope that your New Year is healthy and happy, Patrice!

Cherie said...

Wow! These are great! I too make several of one kind. Sure comes in handy at later dates! Happy New Year and TFS!

Carey said...

You go girl!! There is lots of eye candy on this post!!

Your BFF