Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hello there Happy Wednesday

Hello to all my blogging friends. I hope this post finds you all well and happy!

I'm on my way to the Dr's It's been a week and I can not shake this cold YUCK! I think a round of antibiotics should do the trick! Jeff is home again too, he went yesterday. We will both be good to go in no time!

Later I will come back and take pictures of those yellow iris I was telling you about the other day. Three of them are in bloom and more are on the way. They are so beautiful in real life. I'll also show you another picture of the rose I have a picture of it for you today as it is in full bloom now and you have got to see it..

But first here is a creation I made for a friend last night. You know me I love interactive cards. This is a flip up card card.

Looks innocent enough right! I love all the pearls and the fluffy ribbon bow. I think the textured layer of Bashful Blue CS  helped make it pop more.
Now here is a shot of the back and the side.

Well what do you think so far?????
This is the inside with the cover flipped up. Clever hugh!
Well what happens when you want to mail it???

That's not a problem. It lays nice and flat.
Hint-  Whenever I mail bulky cards I usually turn them in side out  with the flattest part of the card facing the front (addressing side of a card) so that it does not tear at the Post Office during processing With this card I will just have to turn it on the flat side to mail.. I think she will like it.

Now here are a few more pictures of My Little Patch of Dirt. Ria asked me "How do I do it"  Well for one thing lots of water you have to remember we live in a desert. Hot during the days cold at night. Second and my best advise is LOTS OF FERTILIZER. Since I am (now a Renter again) what is called a "Container Gardener" I have to add nutrients to the soil I do this every month. Third. I add new soil periodically as that   also is very helpful.
The Real thing is- I just help GODS amazing handy work along. I give Him all the credit!!!
Martha Washington is a specialty Geranium  extra pretty

Rose I do not know the name of it? I'll call "Peach Beauty"

Begonia.  It loves the spring.

Johnny Jump Ups? Thats what my Mom calls them.

Peach Geranium 

Elegant Carnations. I bought this plant 6 years ago for .50 cents.
That's all there is for today. I hope you find some time to create something fun today.
Thanks for stopping by My Little Patch of Dirt. It thrills my heart when she is in bloom.


Glenda Calkins said...

Hi Patrice, I LOVE your flip up card; are you sharing the directions? :) Would love to have them if you are. Sweet idea thanks for sharing! Glenda AKA thestampcamp

Ann Schach said...

Such a beautiful card, Patrice! And your flowers are breathtaking!

Carey said...

Hello my friend with the green thumb. You yard is gorjus. I love what you can do. Sorry life has gotten in the way of looking at your creations.

Hugs Carey and Roscoe

inkedx2 said...

Beautiful cards and beautiful flowers!

Susan (rainy) said...

What an awesome design on your card, Patrice. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well...

Oh and the flowers are beautiful, too. Spring is here! (Is that a "Peace" rose?