Monday, September 22, 2014

Mr Big Shot Almost Died!

Hello to all my blogging friends, I hope this post finds you all well and happy!

Last night I couldn't sleep so I went into the Craft room and made a card. What else is a girl to do when she can't sleep right! Well I'm happily playing along when my Big Shot started acting up???? It started to sound like grinding gears and boy was it getting hard to turn????? OH Nooooo he can't die! I just got a bunch of new dies and... So I calmed my self down, got a drink of water to clear my head and went back to bed because, if you are a gal like me first thing in the morning I'm going to take him apart and see what's up!
I had school today so I had to check him out in a hurry. I got out my, well Jeff's trusty WD 40 can. Once I took the handle apart I saw that it did have gears and they were stuck YIKES! I crossed my fingers and sprayed away! I had to give it a minute so I cleaned the kitchen then checked on him again... well, I got one direction to roll but the opposite direction was kind of hard still so I sprayed him again and let it sit another minute. Well, it worked and I got him to roll nice and smooth in both directions.
While I was waiting for the WD 40 to do it's magic I called SU, I was told they only guarantee the Big Shot for 3 years well I've had him way longer than 3 years. I would have had to wait another month until I could have gotten a new one (OMG)
It all worked out just fine and if you ever find your self with a sick Mr Big Shot don't fret. Call SU first and check on your guarantee, if that doesn't work out take him apart give him a good spraying with WD 40 and try to fix him your self. It worked for me! He looks like he even feels better lol!

Have a great day and give some love to your Big Shot!

Chat soon,

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