Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Little Black Dress

Hello to all my blogging friends I hope this post finds you all well and happy!

I don't know if I will have power or not tomorrow so I thought I would post this now! We are supposed to have 8-12 inches of snow Wednesday. I am so excited to see a real snow storm. I know crazy right! Well as long as I am inside and warm (Pray that the power doesn't go off) everything will be OK!
We are as prepared as possible, long underwear here I come ha ha ha! I wonder how those would look under this little number?

How about that for a Little Black Dress? I cut down one of the die cut dresses to make this dress.
I just love the stand in the silver sparkle paper. There are so many designs I can make from this set  floating around in my head.
Do you remember the Mc Calls Magazine from say 50 years ago? In many of the issues they had paper dolls and dresses in them. My Grandmother would save the articles for my sister and I for when we would come and visit. We would spend hours playing and just having a ball designing our own dresses and gowns.
I did a little something to the inside.
I have to get going it is getting late. I hope you have some time to create something fun too!
Chat soon,


Ann Schach said...

Adorable, Patrice! I love the little black dress you designed! The sparkle and the texture are perfect elements on this card!

Carey said...

Very chic!

Carey and Roscoe