Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Hello to all my blogging friends, I hope this post finds you all well and happy!

Well, I think/hope we had our last snow storm for the winter Monday morning. Look what we woke up to. Looked like about 4 inches. About as much as the storm in late December. Snow makes the landscape take on a whole life of its own.

This is the front of the property.

This is what the back yard looked like

You still have to make sure the birds have access to the bird seed and water.

I especially love the way the snow looks on the trees (Natural Flocking)

We finally got enough snow to have some fun!

So what do two grown women do in the snow...
We Played

We had so much fun. But, by the time we were done my neighbor Lisa's feet were frozen solid. Being from Southern. California I had never built a snow man before it is quite a learning experience. You actually just roll a little ball in the snow and it grows? I really never got the concept of a rolling snow ball in commercials until now. The sad thing is that the snow around here only last a day on the ground, so it was good that we got out and made Mr Snow Man and Ms. Easter Bunny before it all melted.

Hope you are all safe and warm and have a great Easter Weekend!
PS. You can see Bob Cat peeking through the window on the right hehe!

Chat soon,

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Carey said...

Welcome to the land of snow. We only got 1 inch but St. Louis (where I picked you up at the airport) got 8!! I was happy I didn't live up there.

Carey and Roscoe