Thursday, December 16, 2010

A few Christmas Cards

Hello Carey :) and my other blogging friends lolol I hope this post finds you well and happy! Please drive safely for those of you who endure the snow and ice???? I call that stuff involuntary wet! Yuck ... I'm a Californian and you don't even want me on the roads in that weather :~. Well today I just rested and really took it easy. I have been sleeping lots and that is a good thing I guess, but it puts me more behind every day. Oh well that's the breaks I guess. You all will just have to receive your Christmas cards either by snail mail late or e-mail early :) Hey what a great idea. Saves on postage and its GREEN to boot. Here are just a few new ones I have made and or revamped ones I made last year and didn't like. Have you ever done that one? Well my friends stay safe, dry and warm.


Carey said...

Wow, these are all fantastic. Thanks for sharing them. That is a great idea to do a redo of something that didn't turn out the way you want. You are a smart darling. My computer is being a butt head so sorry if I haven't been around much.

Love, Carey and Roscoe

Susan (rainy) said...

Beautiful cards, Patrice! And yes.. I do that 'revamp' thing all the time! lol
Merry Christmas to you!