Monday, December 27, 2010

Hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas!

Hello to all my blogging friends. I hope this post finds you all well and happy! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, that was shared with family and friends, and that Santa was extra nice to you!
Well we had a great time but I am glad it is over! I spent the day on the couch yesterday I WAS SPENT!!! and very sore.
The 23rd was my Moms birthday. We went to my sisters and had a nice time. With the exception of my sisters new Chihuahua dog kept nipping at my ankles- 4 x's was enough????
Christmas Eve was real small and very relaxing :). I cooked a nice Rib Eye Roast for Jeff, Jeanne' my Mom and I. We  watched old westerns and laughed and chatted it was fun. Then we opened presents. Santa was really good to us this year. Jeff just loves his Robe and puts it on every second he can. I was so excited because I knew he would love it. I got cloths, the SU MDS, a Cricut Cartridge (Elegant Cakes) Perfume. Then Jeff brought in a big surprise- a 32 inch flat screen LCD TV for the bedroom what happiness!!!! Our old one's color has been going out since last year so it was time :). Then my DD agave me an apron she had made custom just for me.
I'll have to show you a picture of it, it's amazing. She made 7 total all different for friends and family. What is so cool about it is that she just bought a sewing machine the day after Thanksgiving and learned to sew 2 weeks before Christmas. I can see that machine coming in really handy :). I believe my daughter is starting to get crafty :).
Christmas Morning we went back to my sisters and had breakfast and opened more presents.  First thing I did when I walked in the door I scolded the nipper dog and kept on her all morning just not to get near me and it worked! She didn't bother me from then on.  :)
(She is a rescue dog so you can't really get too upset with her, but I have boundaries with animals and she doesn't want me to bit her, cuz I would lolololol. I have 2 hundred pound dogs with great human manners. I don't take bad manners from dogs/ animals of any size or any back ground. Princess and I will just have to get used to each other :)  Heck I baby set 3 Hybrid wolfs and 2 very large Dobermans and they don't give me any grief.So this little 4 pound Princess has met her match with me lololol.
We left there and headed home because we were serving dinner at 2:30 pm. for 12 people. We always have a bunch of friends over for dinner and a movie on Christmas  it is always a lot of fun.
Well enough of this random Christmas ramblings, lets get to some art OK.
I made this Kleenex holder  for a gift but I liked it so much I kept it for myself  (hahahah) and made my friend something else. (The idea was found on Split Coast Stampers) I hope you like it just let me know. Chat soon stay safe, warm and dry! I'll post again before New Years, signing off me P. Love you Carey

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Carey said...

Hello my dear BFF. What a wonderful Christmas you had with family and friends. You were always extra special nice to our gang that didn't have family in the area. Santa brought me a camera. I dropped our good one before convention. The one I had worked but very very basic. Friday was with the children at Angie's house, Saturday was here with my honey (it snowed and roads were yechy, I will send pics). Sunday was with Bridget, her kids and dad. I LOVE the Kleenex box. It was on someone's blog and sent us to Splitcoast about it, right? I saw the same thing and went out and got a box of Kleenex. I just havent' used it yet. What a great job you did. I am so proud of my darling friend. Take care of her.

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