Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Some more Christmas goodies

Hello all my blogging buddies, I hope this post finds you all well and happy. I'm happy just not well. I have bronchitis YUCK !! And I have so much to do still. I am running out of time :( I think I will be able to put up my tree and set out a few things only this year. If you really knew me you would know something was wrong with that statement for sure. I usually deck out every room even the two bath rooms as a Christmas tree each. I have a huge collection of Santa's and all sorts of Holiday decorations. But my Sciatica is still raging and has really slowed me down. I just finished all my orders (Thank you God) and will get paid this weekend Yippee!!!!! I'm going to get my honey a new comfy bath robe with my own money no less!!!! :) instead of here honey I bought you something with your money! I realize it is our money but it always makes me feel good when there is extra and both he and I get a little something. Because you know I will be low on supplies come the first of the year lololol. I see new Mini goodies dancing my way :).
OK, so  now with the creative stuff. I made these two ornaments for the ornament share I spoke with you about in my last post. They were made with all Stampin' Up products I even drew in the faces. You can't see it but Santa has Dazzling Diamonds for his beard , and I put Dazzling Diamonds on the cuffs front side and back. I think they turned out really cute. I believe I Cased the snowman from Kim over at Paper Punch Addiction. I made 3 different colored Snowmen, Red, Blue & Yellow, Thanks for the great idea Kim. The Santa was my idea. Who knows maybe someone, somewhere has made him before. It just seem the next logical step :).
I packaged each one separately in glycine bags and made a pretty Top Note topper for the give away. I also enclosed an entire set of Tags Till Christmas for all 20 attendees in a separate small glycine bag along with my business card. Maybe I will drum up some business????
I took seperate pictures of each ornament. I hope you like them and maybe were a little inspired :)

I still have pictures of the Porch and some of the cards and gifts I made, which I will share with you this week. Take care and stay dry!!!

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Carey said...

Oh how absolutely precious. These are great. I am sorry you are not feeling good. I know how you love your Christmas. You just have to take it down a notch or two this year. Your nephew found a cow patty (poop) to roll in this morning. It wasn't hard to find it-they are all over the yard since they visited a few weeks ago. Dean and I had to give him an emergency bath/shower. It is cold and icy here so I have to go into work early so I can see where I am driving.

Hugs to ya,
Carey and Roscoe