Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Digital Studio Oh My!!!

Hello to all my blogging friends (& My BFF Carey). I hope this post finds you all well and happy!
My DH gave me the My Digital Studio  (MDS) for Christmas and I am just so happy with it. I called SU and got all the free downloads and updates today so it is really super jammed packed with loads of fun, cool stuff. I even got to download the free Calendar program Shelli gave us 2 years ago lolol. I am so overwhelmed and excited I can't even see streight.
Jeff said I am in la la land because all he hears is oooh, ahhhh, oooh, ahhhh. He said he is going to start his own blog for  the "Widows of a Paper Crafter" hahahah. He said he is going to starve because he will never get me off this thing. He thought VC_Rocks during the summer was bad "now this"!!!!
I am really going to have to pull myself away from this new toy from time to time and cook a meal for him hahahahah.
I'm going to try and down load my first card  so you can see what I made last night (before all the new cool downloads). You know there is sooooo much I need to learn to be able to use this Software adequately.  I had to call SU  again to help me figure out how to turn my project into a JPG  document so I could get over here. YIKES, can we say learning curve.
  I really love Stampin Up's customer service line, they are always so very helpful and patient when I call them. Well this is going to be loads of fun I am sure. I'll have to ask  my BFF if she can help me make a recipe card to share with you :). Maybe if I ask real nice like she will show me how :)
Well there you have it my first attempt at a My Digital Studio greeting card "Oh My)! Hope you like it!
I'm going back for more fun and adventure in MDS. Stay safe my friends! We will chat soon!

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Carey said...

Definitely oohs and aahs!! Vickie got this when it was on sale last month (was it that long ago?). We have to get together and play with it, hopefully on Thursday. Welcome to the digital age. Dean understands Jeff...he has lost me to the computer with MDS and the stamping in my tree house.

Carey and Roscoe