Friday, July 12, 2013

My How You Have Grown

Hello to all my blogging friends, I hope this post finds you well and happy!

I was out in the garden yesterday and took some update photos for ya.

These beautiful hanging baskets are on either side of the entrance to our units. I made one for each of us. Lisa is a great neighbor so I let her choose which color she liked best. The first basket is on Lisa's side and the second basket is on my side.

This is the focal garden at the front of the house, the gladiolas are blooming now.  A bird or the wind broke a red flower stem off one of the corner pots, so I cut it and put it in the kitchen window. I didn't think it would bloom out all the way but it did. I just kept clipping off the dead blooms and trimming the stem it has been in that glass jar for a week already. I got lucky! The photo of the orange one was extra pretty so I took a close up.

The Hollyhock and the Hosta bloomed too.

This Poppy is what I call a surprise flower. I bought one of those $12.00 Wild Flower Rolls that stated you will have a whole 10' patch of wildflowers Ha! Don't waist your money. I got 2 plants I think are flowers and about 5 more I don't know if they are weeds or what lolol. But this Poppy id really a beauty all by itself.

I also have a double hanging basket planter in the back that is coming along really nicely.

There are 3 buckets on the bottom that have Day Lilies and Astura Lilies (?) blooming.
I counted 4 different colors of flowers so far, here are two of them.

The Gazebos flowers are really going to town too.

The birds pitch in and do some random planting for me from time to time. I have sunflowers growing all over the place lolol.

There are Sunflowers in about 6 of the pots and on my lettuce row on the balcony too. Thanks for the free pops of color birds.

I think this is enough for today I will show you the vegetable gardens progress tomorrow!

Enjoy your afternoon and find some time to play!

Chat soon,

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Carey said...

Beautiful work by you and God. Dean and I love the new place. He went wild about the logs.

Carey and Roscoe