Sunday, October 5, 2014

Decked out for the holidays - Front door

Hello to all my blogging friends, I hope this post finds you all well and happy!

We had so much fun playing in the front of the house that I just had to show you the pictures. When we were finished and taking the pictures several cars drove by and honked and waved and or yelled out that it  "looks great!". I was tickled about that!

The orange  light covers and my orange floral pots are made from the Dollar store little plastic Trick or Treat pumpkins. I just turned them around.  The light fixtures I had to cut a bit to fit over my lanterns. They look so cool at night!

Here is a close up of my scare crow;

I grew those three real pumpkins two are on the ground and one is the scare crows head.  We had some very heavy winds the other day and it blow the head right off my guy. So my neighbor and I worked on keeping the head to stay on. I think we have him good now. Oh and I grew corn this summer so I put those near my guy. We had a few stocks left over so I shared with Phyllis.

This is a look at my neighbor Phyllis's home. She always gives me such great inspiration. On Halloween, she turns her pumpkins around so you can see the faces on her lights. It looks really cool.

Here is another look at my back door entrance too for fun;

This photo is I think the last of my garden harvest for the season. We had our first frost last night! Boo... I had Jeff pick all the rest of the tomatoes and chilies and we wrapped the green ones and put them under the stairs for good keeping.

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Carol Read Stampin' Up! Independent Demonstrator said...

AWE....looks great! Very festive. I managed to get my Halloween decor down from the attic but that's as far as I've gotten. This going back to work has put a serious damper on my free time. :)