Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Diva Coffe Break Design 218

Hello my blogging friends. I hope this post finds you all well and happy!

Boy, has this been a hectic few weeks!!! My poor mom has been in and out of the Urgent Care or the Hospital 3 times since here surgery two weeks ago! It hasn't been her shoulder replacement that is giving her problems. It's more of the bodily functions sort of issues (If you know what I mean) that are causing her so much trouble. I feel so bad for her. I had to pick her up from the hospital today and get her home as they kept her overnight for observation. Thank goodness she has a 24 hour caregiver.

One of my responsibilities while my mom is recuperating is to take care of her little dog. Last night her little Min Pin, "Casey" dug under my fence and got into the neighbors yard and was bitten by one of their dogs YIKES!!!! So I had to rush her to the Dog Emergency Hospital. Thank God it was a bite from one of their small dogs and not the big Pitt Bulls. The Vet said she got off fairly lucky. The only real concern is there is a bite in the bending part of her leg like our knees so to say. It could get infected. So Casey is on antibiotics and pain meds. Poor little thing (Like Mommy like Doggy) I will tell my mom what happened in the next few days but  we are not telling her now that's for sure. That would really stress her out.

Thank God I have a sister and we share the medical issues pertaining to our Mom. I was at the Doggie Hospital while my sister was at the People Hospital. We were trying to be all stealth on the phone with each other checking up on both of them.

Good news is, I did have a few minutes to make a card today while I was waiting to see when my mom was going to be released.
I saw a really cool color challenge over at Diva Coffee Breaks today so I gave it a whirl. I usually do not do color challenges because I do not have a huge variety of colors of paper. I am more of an earth tone kind of gal but I just so happened to have a few sheets of each of these colors so that made it fun and  a challenge for me to create out of my comfort zone.

Here is their challenge, and this is what I came up with. These are such great challenge colors, very Springy (Is that a word???) Smile. The only thing I added to this challenge was the gold embossing. I think it made the card look richer.
This is the card fold type that coordinated with the Butterfly Bonnet tutorial I gave you all last week. Tomorrow I will write the directions on how I made this card for you. I have chatted enough for tonight I really am tired. I can't believe I will get to bed before 1:00 am I so need to get a good night rest.

Thanks for stopping by, now it's your turn to go and create something fun.


Crafty Maria said...

You did a wonderful job with this color challenge. Love the fold of the card. Sorry to hear about your mom and her dog. Hope both get better soon

Kristin Moore said...

What a pretty card!! Love that fold and the gold embossing you added. I hope your mom (and pup) are both better real soon! Thanks for joining the Divas' color challenge!

Carey said...

You are having a rough time of it girl. I love what you just "threw together" in the few minutes you had before finding out about mom. Great work as always my BFF.

Hugs to mom from Carey and licks from Roscoe

Anita said...

Beautiful card! Praying for your family.

RuthieB said...

Patrice! I love this! I love how you put the cardstock to make it look like a belly band around the card!

Sharon Field / Created By You said...

what a fun card Patrice, makes me want to dust off that stamp set LOL!
Sharon F.