Sunday, January 8, 2012

Versatil Blogger Award

Hello to all my blogging friends. I hope this post finds you all well and happy!

Look what the very talented Maria Vanderform gave me... A Versatile Blogger Award. How stinking cool is that! Maria is so very talented she is so very creative and inspires me to do better. Please check out her blog,  I am ecstatic she thought enough about my work to pass this on. Thank You Maria!

Once given this award you have to tell your readers a little about your self and then select 15 other talented crafters to bestow the award upon.

 So here goes, I have been creating one thing or another since I was a little girl. Besides Paper Crafting, flower arranging, gardening and cooking are my other passions. You get almost all of your senses working at one time- taste, sight, smell and touch!
I was introduced to paper crafting by my BFF Carey aka Roscoe's Mom (Hi Carey) . She always gave out the prettiest cards and 3-D gifts. One day she said she would show me how to "Rubber Stamp"?  From that first day I was hooked! She took me to a Pre Convention stamp a stack evening event and it was "Love at first stamp". I think its going on 9 years now that I've been a stamping! I have been a SU Demonstrator for 3 of those years, mostly as a hobbyist demo to support my habit lolol.
I am engaged to Jeff, the love of my life! Between us, we have two children (well young adults really) as they are both 26. My Daughter Jeanne', is a few months older than Rick.  Jeff lets me stay at home and take care of things around here and the payoff is...I get to garden and "Rubber Stamp".  We have three furry kids. Two BIG gold Lab/Retriever mixs  "The Boys" their names are Bear and Marley and then their is Bob a white and orange tabby cat.
So that's my story and I am sticking to it!

Now, the second part of the requirement is to choose 15 other amazing crafters you would like to share this award with. Here are my picks.

#1 Carey Rogers my BFF and Mentor-
#2 Regina Andari -
#3 Angela Walters-
#4 Ann Schach -
#5 Deb Currier -
#6 Jennifer Weide-
#7 Robbie Rubala -
#8 Kim Innis -
#9 Sharon Wheet-
#10 Sharon Field -
#11Tammy Fire -
#12 Tina Munzke -
#13 Lesley Croghan -
#14 Linda Callahan -
#15 Glenda Calkins -

Although the requirement is only to chose 15 there are many, many more talented crafters who inspire me. I'm just not that great of a typist and this list was a labor of love!

Please pick up your award and post it to your blogs ladies whenever you have a free moment. You have earned it, and again thank you for the inspiration.

I hope you find some time to create something fun today.
Thanks for stopping in,

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Ann Schach said...

Thanks for the sweetness, Patrice! I will pass this on when I return from Leadership!